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Worship Ministry

St. Margaret’s offers Worship Ministries that aim to cultivate a vibrant and meaningful worship experience, facilitating opportunities for spiritual connection, praise, and heartfelt engagement with the divine.

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An Acolyte can be any parishioner, age ten and older, that assists the priest with worship. They serve as Flag Bearers, Crucifers, and Altar Servers. Their presence and ministry are key to our worship. Training is provided.
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The Altar Guild is a team of people who are called to tend to the places where God’s people worship. The duties include: Caring for linens, candles, wine and wafers, having a member present at every worship occasion, preparing the altar and sanctuary for every worship occasion and special event, straightening the altar and sanctuary after every worship occasion and special event.
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The Flower Guild strives to glorify God with the beauty of fresh flowers and greens for Sunday and Special Worship Experiences. For the assigned Sunday, members of the Flower Guild pick up flowers from the Petal Palace the day prior to the Service and deliver them to the church.
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St. Margaret’s Greeters warmly greet everyone as they come to services. Greeters make visitors feel welcome and encourage them to fill out a nametag and an attendance card. Greeters distribute Service Bulletins – it’s a wonderful way to get to know your church family.
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This is a group of men and women who are called to serve the chalice during Holy Communion and assist during the service where needed.
One needs to be licensed, all training is provided.
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This group reads appointed lessons and psalms during Worship Services – anyone can do this! Readings are provided in advance to practice, and are in large print on the lectern.
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The Band provides music for the glory of God. It is a group of vocalists and musicians who play guitars, drums and keyboard for the 10:30am Contemporary Service.
Rehearsal time varies, and the music is a mixture of Contemporary Christian Praise Music and Traditional Hymns.
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A group that reads the prayers of the people during the worship services on an assigned Sunday – anyone can do this! The list is provided in advance to practice and is in large print on the lectern for the service.
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Working with the Prayers of the People Coordinator, this team intentionally offers up specific requested prayers to God on a weekly basis. If comfortable, members also pray with parishioners in the back of the church during communion. Additionally, members who are certified bring communion to people who are unable to attend church services.
The Prayer Team meets the third Sunday of the month after the 10:30am service.
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Ushers offer assistance with seating, if needed. Ushers count number of attendees at the services, assist with collecting the offering and keeping order as the congregation moves towards the Altar for Communion. They also carry the hosts and wine from the back of the church to the Altar. Finally, Ushers assist with the exiting of the church and help find answers to any questions regarding St. Margaret’s.
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Our Community Partners

St. Margaret’s is pleased to share our facilities
throughout the week with the following Community Partners:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
Boy Scouts of America
Cub Scouts

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