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Welcome to St. Margaret's Episcopal School

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide early childhood education in a safe, loving environment that nurtures and develops the whole child intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally.


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Education Programs

At St Margaret’s we offer Full and Part time options for children 16 months through 5 years olds. 


Our Toddler classroom uses child-directed and center-based activities. Your child will learn through using their senses, exploring their environment, and interacting with their teachers. 

2 Year Olds

Our 2-year-old curriculum consists of hands-on activities that help children develop habits of observing, questioning, listening, creativity, and discovery. This fun and interactive program helps each child develop the skills necessary for success in preschool.


The preschool curriculum is planned by each teacher based on a yearly outline of thematic topics. Social development, cognitive skills, language skills, and perceptual skills are all emphasized through play in our learning centers and circle-time activities.


The Pre-k 4 curriculum provides your child the opportunity to develop and learn through hands-on, child-centered, and teacher-directed activities. These activities, in conjunction with our thematic curriculum, allow for development of the whole child and prepares them for kindergarten and beyond.

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Play with Purpose

Play Based Learning

Children learn naturally through play, where self-chosen experiences and teacher guidance create meaningful connections to intended learning objectives.

Teachers Role in
Play Based Learning

In a “learn-thru-play” preschool, teachers facilitate positive, objective-oriented play by shaping the learning environment, guiding questions, creating challenges, offering vocabulary, and providing constructive feedback individually and collectively.

What Children Learn in
Play Based Environment

Through play, children experience rich and meaningful learning, fostering critical thinking, social skills, and creativity, while exploring mathematical concepts and building language proficiency with teacher guidance.

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“Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.”
Diane Ackerman

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