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Admin & Property Care

Admin & Property Care

St. Margaret’s offers different Admin & Property Care Based Ministries that are designed to provide support, care, and spiritual growth opportunities for individuals within the community, fostering a sense of belonging and helping them develop their faith and personal well-being.

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Each and every Service Bulletin is lovingly folded by a member of St. Margaret’s. Folders occasionally assist in other simple office related tasks as well. Folding is done in small groups on Thursday or Friday of each week in the church Conference Room. Volunteers are usually asked to fold or assist one to two days a month.
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Office Angels

This group of dedicated volunteers maintains our beautiful Gardens and grounds. One can “adopt” a Station of the Cross and keep it weed free and trimmed. A plaque commemorating your efforts is placed at “your” Station.
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Parish Prayer Gardens:
Stations of the Cross

Collect and edit articles from various Ministry Leaders and parishioners and compile a newsletter embodying the spirit of St. Margaret’s that is distributed quarterly.
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A "Sexton" is an old school name for a property and grounds caretaker

Sexton’s Guild

Our Community Partners

St. Margaret’s is pleased to share our facilities
throughout the week with the following Community Partners:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
Boy Scouts of America
Cub Scouts

Interested in becoming a Community Partner?