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After the Likeness Podcast

Join Father Eric Holloway and Matt Kitchen (not a Father, but a Dad!), they hang out and talk through all things related to following Jesus in the Episcopal Church.

Bible stories, dad jokes, Christian practices, prayers and piety, and whatever listeners write in and ask about, nothing is off topic in this podcast geared toward Episcopalians and those wanting to learn more about the Episcopal tradition and how it’s lived out by regular folks today. 

Episodes come out every other Wednesday. Send your questions, compliments, unsolicited advice, and criticisms to [email protected]! Share it!

Episode 39 - Why We Do It (Part 2)

Episode 38 - Why We Do It

Episode 37 - The Life of Father Eric

Episode 36 - Predensity. I mean… Predestiny.

Episode 35 - Inside Job